New Mexico to Austin in 90 Days

New Mexico to Austin in 90 Days

Do you ever think about how quickly life can change?

How moments in time can shift the direction for ourselves and our families in the blink of an eye.

I started my current LifeJournal on Sunday, March 29th, 2020

The first entry in my journal was a prayer that my wife, Neva and I had started talking through the decision to move from Ruidoso, NM to Austin, TX.

We moved out to Ruidoso a little over 4 years ago to help with a church plant. The move out was a bit of a culture shock, coming from Dallas, Tx to Ruidoso, Nm, Population 8,500 (a small mountain town about 2.5 hours north of El Paso, Texas.)

The move here wasn’t easy. We often doubted if we had made the right decision those first couple of months.

The question would come back in waves every time we would go back home to visit.

We drove out on May 16th, 2016 and as we pulled into town white snow flakes were hitting our windshields. I just remember watching my wife cry, not happy tears, internally questioning if we had made a huge mistake leaving our families and close knit community behind.

Fast forward 4 years later, and here we are, doing it all over again.

The friends, community, and church we have grown to love so deeply have been incredible gifts in our lives and lives of our children. We have made life long friends, and will always keep Ruidoso in a special place in our hearts.

We will miss picking up cafe rio pizza and walking over to lost hiker, we will miss the walks around the links golf course, we will miss the cool mountain breeze and afternoon thunderstorms. We will miss our friends. We will miss our church.

Time is fascinating like that. Time can create, time can heal, time can allow you to grow. We are not the same couple we were when we moved out here.

We are moving back to Texas with two less dogs than we arrived with, with two children we didn’t have before the move and a German shepherd puppy that is new to the family.

At the center of all of this has been God’s hand. Leading us, directing us, and guiding us in the actions, moves, and decisions we have made.

I started my LifeJournal less than 90 days ago. I can look back through the pages as we prayed for direction, peace, guidance, financial breakthrough, and if we should rent or buy. God has lead us and continues to lead us through all of these prayers.

But, the coolest part of all, is seeing that on the first day of this LifeJournal I can see the ink on the pages during my first prayer about us moving to Austin. The journal is 13-weeks long, 90 days. Our move in date for our new apartment in Austin falls on the 27th of June. Literally, to the day, the 90th day of my journal.

Day one of my LifeJournal I’m praying about a move from Ruidoso for our family, and 90 days later we will be unlocking the door to our new apartment in Austin and unlocking a new chapter of our life for our family.

God talks through random people walking by your house.

Another amazing thing I’ll be able to look back on in this journal is that we signed a lease on the apartment on Monday, June 15th, and then on Tuesday June 16th we found out we were pre-approved for buying a house.

While debating on if we should try to get out of our lease and try to buy a house, a friend walked by our house. Neva ran out to tell her we were moving to Texas, and after hearing we were renting and not buying she responded “yeah my parents moved to Florida and bought a house, but within a few months realized they hated the area they were in.”

Once again, I believe God can speak truth into our lives through a variety of ways.

Including a random person walking by our house, unaware that she was being used by God to speak truth into a situation inside a house 30 feet away.

God can move. He can move you from New Mexico to Austin in 90 days even when you don’t think that is a possibility. If it is His will, He will make it happen.