Napoleon Hill and the Gospel?

Napoleon Hill and the Gospel?

Write it down – 35 years

It was the first time someone other than a teacher or professor had referred me to a book. A business mentor suggested a book I’d never heard of “Think and grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

The title alone is enough to either intrigue you or repulse you. I had a little of both. And I laughed at the thought of naming a baby Napoleon. Anyway, I reluctantly bought and started reading this book. The truth is the bulk of this book is about how, no surprise, you change your thinking so that you create and build wealth.

100% of the book is 100% not Christian based on that the author never once acknowledges any reference to God or even a higher power. It’s 100% how you get wealth and how you achieve success and how you, you, you, you…win the day.

Here’s the pony buried deep inside the pile of manure; write it down.

One chapter, close to the very front of the book, Napoleon Hill explains how a mentor challenged him to write down his goals and to read them aloud every day.

I have done some version of that since 1984 and I can tell you it works. Not sure what the secret sauce is, but when I write down…in a note book, journal, grease board or spreadsheet and at least look at it daily I seem to do the things that move the ball down the field. If the very least it does is remind me what I haven’t done that day, it still produces a solid result.

If all you do is write down the top five things you have got to accomplish this week to make sure your goals are in a better place to get the little things done and if you read over that list every day you will be amazed.

You will begin to develop a habit of checking the box for that day that you logged even ten minutes reviewing your written out goals.

It really will make a difference.

No guarantees you will grow rich, but I know in my own life when I pressed into this habit it produced results.