Let it go.

Tonight we skipped the bedtime routine and watched Frozen 2 with our boys. This was not some intentional plan we had decided on before our oldest asked to put it on conveniently right before his bed time. Could have been the long day or the lack of our own parenting discipline, but we caved to his request.

Is this going to throw off the morning schedule?


Could we have cleaned the house and prepped food for tomorrow instead of sitting on the couch and watching the movie we have seen a hundred times over with our boys.


But tomorrow will worry about itself. I think it is okay to go off routine, to go off schedule, and when the time is right - it's okay to forget about time.

There is grace in times when our time isn't perfect.


The seconds that tick by as we spend them with each other are precious, so when the clicks on the minute hand aren't perfectly in line with what was on our planner for that day - there is grace in that.

Our faith-based productivity should never become the idol that brings us the most joy. Checking a list, or hitting our morning routine every single morning are good things, but only if we are focusing on what matters most, growing closer to God, learning more about His character, love and grace, while creating memories with our family and friends.