Inbox Zero? Email Zero.

Inbox Zero? Email Zero.

Emails can cause such a road block against any and all productivity. Have you ever noticed how much work or how much you are able to read on a plane? (Especially if you are not connected to wifi).

There is a reason for that.

Email drags us down and makes us consumers of content rather than creators. We are consistently having to reply to questions or asks, vs. doing the questioning or asking.

In my life, I have noticed if I can only check email once a day I am 1000x more productive than constantly having that inbox ping me.

I wish this was something I would be more consistent about, but sometimes it is easy to forget what makes us the most productive and what keeps us from growing.

I have started writing down lists of things that either steal my productivity or enhance and improve it.

One of these items that always steals it is having my inbox open all day.

Kill email on your phone. Kill it on your iPad. You will thank me for it.

Spend that time in prayer, in God's word or with your family.

Email can wait, if they need to get a hold of you that bad more than likely they are going to call or text anyway.

Use email for what it was meant for, not for a distraction to keep you from getting work or projects done.

Also. Keep your inbox at zero. There is nothing more un-productive then staring at a notification that shows 1000 emails all cluttered together.

Check your email once a day, and when you do, put those emails into folders or sub-folders. Write down tasks that are due from those emails and then delete or move on.

Set a time during the day you will check email and stick to it!

I need accountability in this area and would love to help you stick with it as well!