Dear Journal…

Dear Journal…

Nov 6: Dear Journal, it’s exciting to begin this journaling experience today. I read Psalm 23 and its truths are such a reassurance to me for the difficult day at work I have coming up. My prayer for today is that the Shepherd of my life will give me peace and assurance that however today goes, He is still in control.

Nov 7: Dear Journal, it was a hard day at work yesterday, but God was present with me all the way. Praise the Lord! This is such a great way to express myself and keep a record of how things have gone. Today I’m reading Hebrews 5. It’s pretty deep and I’m not sure what it all means but it’s good stuff!

Nov 9: Dear Journal, I missed journaling yesterday because I overslept ☹. My bad. Today I’m reading Nahum 1. Wow, I’ve never read about Nahum…was he a prophet or something? He was writing about Nineveh. I thought Nineveh was connected to Jonah and the whale. Verse 7 says the Lord is a stronghold and I need that today.

Nov 15: Dear Journal, has it been almost a week since I journaled? Time flies. Today is Sunday and I’m going to worship at Trinity Tabernacle on the Lake Church. I hope they aren’t making us wear masks again this week; it’s so restrictive! I’ll let Pastor Bob’s sermon be my Bible reading today.

Nov 18: Dear Journal, today is the 2nd day of my quarantine after being in contact with 2 people who tested positive Covid19 at a party the other night. Maybe I should have worn a mask. My Bible reading…maybe tomorrow.

Nov 20: Dear Journal, I’m back to reading the Bible again. Today I’m reading in Colossians 2. It talks about praying a lot and making the best use of my time. A lot of good that does me while I’m stuck in the house in quarantine!

Dec 6: Dear Journal, I’m really not getting much out of this journaling thing.

Does that look like your journaling experience? Unfortunately, it’s all too common for many Christ followers. Here are some tips to help you, especially if you are new to journaling.

  1. You don’t have to journal every day. It’s a great idea and it will produce consistency in your walk with the Lord, but it isn’t a “requirement.”
  2. Have a plan for your Bible reading. There are literally hundreds of plans available online or from your local church to help you. Google free Bible reading plan and you’ll discover thousands of resources.
  3. Briefly record any insights you have about your Bible reading that day. It doesn’t have to be long, just things that God brought to your mind or questions you had about what you read.
  4. Record insights about your day and/or what is coming up.
  5. Write out your prayers to God as you begin or end your day.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT: Be consistent.