Christian Planners Help Keep It All Straight

Christian Planners Help Keep It All Straight

Christian Planners Help Keep It All Straight

I’m old enough to remember when computers began to transition from huge bulky monstrosities to being small and inexpensive enough for the average person to use. My first desktop computer had an enormous 20 MB hard drive and a blazing 64 KB of RAM. How would I ever fill up all that space? Today, I’m typing this blog post on a laptop with a 1 TB hard drive, 16 GB of RAM, and a fast i7 processor…unbelievable.

I also remember when “christian planners” were almost unheard of. You either kept track of things you had to accomplish in your head, or, at best, you wrote them down on a scratch pad and kept it in your pocket or purse.

Only important business executives had someone who would track their schedules and keep them notified. Some of you reading this are old enough and are nodding your heads right now. You remember.

Today, there are multiple christian planners, journals, calendars, note-taking apps, etc. that are available both online and hardbound. Not only that but having a christian planner of some kind is almost a necessity for EVERYONE! '

There is so much going on in our individual lives, family lives, and business lives that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all without some help.

  • It’s not just about what time you go to work tomorrow but also the three meetings you have, six emails you have to return, the project you’re working on, and getting your vacation on the work calendar.
  • Your kids have school concerts, sports practices and games, band and drama rehearsals, and homework projects to turn in.
  • What about church and your personal walk with the Lord? There are worship services, ministry team meetings, small groups, daily Quiet Time, taking notes on the pastor’s sermons, and much more.

All of that and we haven’t even talked your “down time” or leisure time. WOW!

If you’re like me, you must have something that helps keep it all straight. There are secular systems like Daytimer’s and such, and there are also Christian systems like special notebooks for all your church activities and sermons notes. I found, however, that I needed something that would incorporate all those things into one systematic bundle. That’s when I discovered LifeJournal by

Gospel Focused put together the idea of bringing all the needs that most people have and combining them into one workable, organized system that the average person could use.

There are sections for keeping all your calendar events and meetings straight… sections for keeping up with your prayer needs…sections for setting goals… sections for taking notes on our favorite pastor or Bible study teacher… and so much more!

If you prefer a christian planner that is hardbound, it comes that way but if you prefer a digital christian planner to keep track of everything on your tablet, phone, or laptop, it’s available that way as well. Best of all, it’s cost effective.

I tried LifeJournal and it has become a tool that I use to keep my crazy 21st century life under control. I highly recommend you giving it a look at (digital version) or (hardbound version).